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George Clooney reveals he turned down $ 35 million for a day’s work

In an interview with the Guardian, George Clooney explained that he declined a contract for $ 35 million, or about 30 million euros.

“I was offered 35 million dollars in exchange for a single day of work for an airline advertising, but with my wife, we decided that it was not worth it”, thus blurted out the unforgettable doctor “Doug Ross” from the medical series, “Urgences”.

Advised by his wife, who is none other than Amal Clooney, the international human rights lawyer, George Clooney explained that it was a work “associated with a country which, although it is an ally, could sometimes have questionable methods”.

The 60-year-old actor then thought that “even if it robs him of a minute of sleep, it’s not worth it!”

$ 40 million between 2006 and 2013

If George Clooney did not wish to betray his values ​​as a true philanthropist, he can afford to refuse these astronomical types, since as recalled British media, he received 40 million dollars between 2006 and 2013, or more than 35 million euros, thanks to the famous advertising spots for Nespresso coffee.

Not to mention the fees he earns as an actor, and his high-end tequila brand, Casamigos, co-founded with two friends, and sold in 2017 for a billion dollars.

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