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WISHES YOU THE BEST. George Forsyth He was questioned by drivers Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter about the complaint against him for family violence filed by his ex-partner Vanessa Terkes. The presidential candidate replied that it is an archived case.

George Forsyth considers that the filing of this complaint is not a victory and regrets that the relationship with Vanessa Terkes ends on those terms. “It has already been filed, it is not a matter that I won, we have both lost. It was demonstrated in the corresponding instances that there was nothing on this issue ”.

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Gigi Miter replied to Forsyth’s assertion and informed him that Vanessa Terkes appealed the sentence that files her complaint. “It has gone through three instances, it was archived, the justice of the peace also ruled that we have no implications. He has appealed, but it has already been shown that not “, mentions the candidate.

The former mayor of La Victoria also indicated that he married very much in love with Vanessa Terkes, however, life took them in different ways. “It is not a victory by any means, we must respect, here we have both obviously lost. I wish him all the best ”, adds.

George Forsyth gave an exclusive interview for Trome.


In 2019, Vanessa Terkes denounced George Forsyth for the crime of family violence. Clementina Carrasco, the actress’s lawyer, indicated that her sponsor was psychologically abused.

The evidence presented by Vanessa Terkes’ lawyer is a conversation between Forsyth and her ex-partner Claudia Ramírez days before the wedding with the actress. Carrasco also indicated that the former mayor compared his wife in sexual intimacy with his other partners.

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In May 2019, Vanessa Terkes gave her defense on Radio Corazón and accused George Forsyth of violating her mental health.

“I have remained prudent because it is my marriage and that is why I have gone to court. I do not want to make my private life an afterthought for the whole country, that is why I ask Mr. Forsyth not to send his people or manipulate the media to get things that he wants to say, that he has no way to prove and that upset my nerves. I am not the first person to be affected. Enough is enough, the next person is going to kill themselves for the love of Christ “, he indicated.

The actress also accused the former mayor’s father. “Exactly and I have proof of everything I tell you and the truth is that right now I am not in a position to talk to anyone, I do not feel well, I am shaking again. In my life, in my entire life, they have hurt me as much as they have done me now. No one has ever hurt me as much as him and his dad ”, he said on the aforementioned radio.


Vanessa Terkes spoke about George Forsyth and Alejandra Baigorria. (America TV)


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