George Prescott Bush, you bet on the devil

Supporters of former President Donald Trump march down Fifth Avenue in New York on March 5, 2021. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

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Supporters of former President Donald Trump march down Fifth Avenue in New York on March 5, 2021. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

The intimates of the Bush family, the son of Jeb, nephew and grandson of the George and great-grandson of Senator George Prescott Bush called him at home … “Bush 47”, obviously they saw the youngest of their politicians as the one who would take them again one day, to have another president in the family.

That, my friends, in a political dynasty, is very difficult to put aside.

Those political glories today are on the minds of many people who wonder, why with that pedigree, young Bush is trying to sell his soul to the devil?

The young George Prescott Bush has just launched his campaign for Attorney General of the State of Texas, (which in other countries is a state Attorney General) the problem is that when declaring his candidacy he issued a message that literally says: “Under the leadership From President Trump, our country was strong and vibrant again, but due to the failed leadership of liberal ideas, our country is suffering. “

The young Bush did not mention any of the very illustrious Republicans who bear the same last name, although for the record, the annoyance is not due to the omission of the family … but because of falling under Trump’s spell.

Who would have believed that even today, Donald Trump continues to reign as the most influential ideological guide of the Republican Party. That could explain why Bush feels that to win he needs the blessing of the one former president his entire family loathes.

As you read these lines the return of Trump is occurring. On his calendar, Trump already has several political rallies planned this summer.

And that has been happening for some time, the former president is behind the vote recount in Arizona and with frequent personal appearances he is trying to keep people from forgetting him. In North Carolina, he recently talked about getting his election stolen saying… “I love what they’ve done in Texas. I love what they’re doing in Florida and what they’ve done in Georgia. hard “.

In the absence of a coherent speech, Trump has already influenced millions with the tale that he is doing everything possible to change the results of the November election. That empty speech is putting him at the forefront of local elections like the one George P. Bush wants to win in Texas.

At the national level, an investigation by the Senate legal affairs committee blames Mark Meadows, former White House Cabinet Coordinator, and Jeff Rosen, the last Attorney General under Trump, for inventing electoral fraud in Georgia and New Mexico.

In addition, the two invented the conspiracy of the “ItalianGate” – An alleged secret operation in Italy that used military technology to, with remote satellites, change the electronic votes cast in favor of Trump in the United States replacing them with votes in favor of Joe Biden.

Don’t believe that lie. It is an invention that nobody has been able to prove … The evidence does not exist.

George Prescott Bush is not wrong in strategy. To win in a Republican environment as charged as Texas, you need to carry the force of strong political winds on your back. The problem is that on many levels, there are enough people willing to condemn him for communing with the politician his entire family rejects and despises, the man who christened Jeb, Prescott’s father, the “low-energy Bush.”

On the practical side, you just see what happened to the Republican politicians who rose up against Trump during the last election. Georgia governor Brian Kemp and his secretary of state Brad Raffensperger – nearly crucified by their own co-religionists, the Georgia Republicans, for turning their backs on the ratchet that Trump was trying to impose with state votes.

The former president’s supporters don’t want half measures, and Kemp was given a hideous whistle at his state’s Republican convention. – Raffensperger was censured for abandoning the obligations of his position, again … For not becoming an accessory to the fraud with which Trump sought to change the election.

Now ask yourself … What Republican politician in Texas would dare not kiss the ring of former President Trump? Exactly … none.

You have to remember that the young Bush tries to dethrone Ken Paxton, the current attorney and above all, a senior acolyte not only of Trump, but of the extremism of the right.

Last year Paxton, contrary to Georgia politicians, filed a lawsuit asking to annul the results of the presidential election in Texas. Since then, he has been one of the state attorneys to disperse unsubstantiated claims that Joe Biden won with widespread fraud.

Paxton has a long history of personal legal problems, and Prescott Bush doesn’t let people forget it.

Bush seems to know where he stands, recognizing… “I am not dealing with a single man, but a tradition.”

And this brings us back to the question at the beginning of this column: If the young politician will be the member of the dynasty that will one day lead them back to the White House. Meanwhile, the political columns condemn him and wonder if he has some dignity and shame for falling into the arms of Trump. What do you think?

* For almost three decades, journalist Armando Guzmán has earned recognition in Mexico and the United States for his coverage in Washington. You can follow it on different media and platforms, such as radio, television, written press and the internet.

This article was first published in Los Angeles Times in Spanish.

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