George Russell, a Mercedes F1 member, changed his helmet to black in consideration of Schumacher[F1-Gate .com]

George Russell, who moved to Mercedes F1, chose a bold black helmet for the 2022 season. He abandoned the red design in consideration of former Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher.

F1 legend Michael Schumacher returned to F1 in 2010 with a three-year contract with Mercedes. Seven-time F1 World Champion Schumacher wore a red helmet for most of his F1 career and continued with Silver Arrows.

George Russell, who made his F1 debut at Williams in 2019, used a red helmet, but this year he moved to Mercedes F1 and changed to a black design.

“The colors are quite different compared to the previous one,” George Russell said in a video revealing the design of the new helmet.

“I chose a pretty bold black this season because I wanted to bring a really bold color to the front.”

“I used to be mostly red helmets, but when it comes to red helmets in Mercedes, I think Michael Schumacher. I wanted to respect that and move in the other direction.”

“I pushed black to the front and put red on the side with Crowdstrike (sponsor) to bring out the blue details that I really like.”

“I think it looks really cool and aggressive.”

Mercedes F1 announced the 2022 F1 machine “W13” on February 18th (Friday). Coloring is rumored to return from black to silver arrow for the past two years.

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