George Russell of Mercedes F1 “The rookie driver rules of FP1 are incorrect”[F1-Gate .com]

George Russell of Mercedes F1 says the rules of running a rookie driver in two practice sessions during the season have little benefit to the driver or team.

It’s not a hindrance to work on the weekends, but it feels a bit unfair to put drivers in a position to judge their talents based on their performance in the 60-minute practice on the Grand Prix weekend.

At the F1 Spanish Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing replaced Sergio Perez with Juri Vips and Williams F1 replaced Nicholas Latifi with Nyck de Vries.

This is the new rule of 2022 that the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) needs to secure two FP1 sessions for the F1 team so that rookie drivers (defined as drivers with two or less Grand Prix experience) can participate. Occurred because of. It is not necessary to have the same driver in the two sessions, and it is not always necessary for Juri Vips or Deck de Vries to reappear on these teams later this season.

The move aims to give junior drivers some seat time in an era when there is virtually no current machine testing of the year, but George Russell believes it puts unfavorable pressure on younger drivers. He himself experienced such a practice twice at Force India in 2017.

“It’s a bit counterintuitive, but personally, I don’t think it’s right to welcome a driver to FP1 and show you what you can do in front of the world in 60 minutes. It’s a lap and it’s judged, “George Russell told the Spanish media.

“And this is from my own experience with the number of FP1 sessions. I know the pressure is immeasurable. Now we are out there and trying to prove them to those who are trying to prove them. It puts more pressure on them. They are always determined how they ride. “

“But that’s the way games are done today.”

Nyck de Vries plays a role in the factory as a reserve driver for the Mercedes F1 team, and George Russell said De Vries is always paying close attention to finding ways to improve.

“Nick was very helpful to me in the race,” said George Russell.

“He always watches onboard videos, looks at the data, and tells me to watch this and that when he notices something, so he’s sensible and knows what he’s talking about. Having someone like Nick was beneficial to us as a team. “

Lewis Hamilton agreed with George Russell’s view that he was putting pressure on junior drivers, saying they shouldn’t be evaluated on their own.

“They can go down even further. They’re just being pumped out with light fuel and can’t do a lot of laps. It’s about 20 laps. That’s a lot of pressure,” said Lewis Hamilton.

“It might be a fun opportunity, but I don’t think they should be judged by that alone, but I don’t think Nick is judged by that alone. It’s more important to him to get a good feel. He I hope he gets the feeling … and can make a big impact on the simulation tools. He is an integral part of our team and works closely with all of us in the background. “

Juri Vips from Red Bull Racing finished the session in 20th place at the bottom, while Nyck de Vries was 18th place, a comma 1 second faster than regular race driver Nicholas Latifi.

Williams F1 Senior Race Engineer Dave Robson praised Nyck de Vries for his work

“He worked very well. His program was an engineering program that Alex (Albon) would have done if he were in the car. He did it really well,” Dave said.・ Robson said.

“As a test setting, his car was the baseline for the new components on Nicholas Latifi’s car. He did exactly what we needed for him.”

Despite his good show, Dave Robson denied that Nyck de Vries was the intended junior for his second practice session later this year.

“No, that’s not the intention at this point,” said Dave Robson.

“That was his chance at FP1. One of the two P1 sessions had to give up due to restrictions on young drivers. That was his run.”

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