Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo): “I don’t see the restaurants reopening in 2020”

Will restaurants be able to reopen for Christmas? The question divides the ranks of politicians and experts, but especially worries the hospitality sector, already hit hard by the health crisis.

Asked about this on the set of the show “C’est pas tous les jours dimanche”, the Minister of Mobility Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo) wanted to be relatively pessimistic: for him, the sector will not be able to reopen before 2021 . ”
Personally, I don’t see the restaurants reopening in 2020, and I regret it“, he said, in a heartbroken tone.”
I think we have to wait until we are rid of the virus, or at least until the numbers have fallen sharply, to preserve our health care system“.

The greatest rates of contamination are in these closed spaces, where we are at a distance, but without a mask since we have to eatr “, he again justified himself.

Fabian Hermans, administrator of the Horeca federation in Brussels, was also on the RTL set and quickly reacted to the statements of the environmental minister: ”
For us, it’s simple, the reopening must be done in a long-term perspective. If we reopen on December 24, but it is to close on January 15, it is of no use“. Mr. Hermans points out the cost of these jump ball situations:”
It costs a hell of a lot of money to restart the machine, and then lose everything.
So today, we need perspectives, and we repeat it to the government all day long: if we reopen, it’s for the long term, and no longer for two or three months.“.

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