Georges Gilkinet on nuclear: “I ask the MR and the CD&V to respect the agreements”

The Vice-Premier Ecolo fixes the position of his party on nuclear power – two reactors, that’s enough -, explains himself, pleads, brings back to the agreements concluded. And hits the presidents of MR and CD&V, who “gesticulate for electoral reasons”, with “extraordinary intellectual dishonesty”, “play against the interests of Belgian citizens”, “increase the score for all”…

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Pnuclear extension, energy transition… We must respect the agreements which have obtained the consent of the seven majority parties, insists throughout the interview the Deputy Prime Minister Ecolo, Georges Gilkinet. Which points to two “conservative” parties, the MR and the CD&V, starting with their presidents, tempted by “the recipes of the past”.

You say: “Everything is on the Vivaldi table”. To know ?

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