Georges Gilkinet sentenced by the Liège Court of Appeal for non-pecuniary damage against Patokh Chodiev

The Court imposes a symbolic fine of 1 euro on Georges Gilkinet for this non-pecuniary damage.

However, the Court of Appeal rejected any material damage on the part of the billionaire, the latter having produced “no evidence capable of establishing, even if only a plausibility of the reality of an attack on his heritage” , according to the judgment.

Questioned by RTBF, Georges Gilkinet said he had “taken cognizance of this judgment. Which amazes me on the merits, since it departs quite clearly from the judgment of first instance. We take the time to examine, with my lawyers, the follow-up to be given to it. ”

At first instance, the Namur court ruled in favor of the former environmentalist deputy, considering that Mr. Gilkinet’s comments fell within the scope of Article 58 of the Constitution, which gives immunity to parliamentarians in the exercise of their missions.


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