Georges-Louis Bouchez castigates the “civic disobedience” encouraged by some

As a reminder, the Consultative Committee of December 22 took the decision to close cinemas and theaters in particular as part of the new measures intended to fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

“The honor of the politician is to be coherent and to respect the institutions. The latest Codeco measures (concertation committee, editor’s note) can be the subject of a legitimate debate but either the rules are considered irrelevant and must be changed, or they must be respected, ”he said on Twitter.

“But this approach of civic disobedience encouraged by politicians but also by the judicial authorities is completely destructive for the credibility of the rule of law and our institutions. Why enforce closures and not others? Added the president of the MR.

“If we tolerate the non-application of the rules for the cultural sector, is it the same, for example, for bowling alleys, casinos, paintballs and other sectors that are also closed? You have to take one orientation or the other. But let’s stop damaging the credibility of the state, ”continued the leader of the French-speaking liberals.

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Mr. Bouchez spoke while at least 5,000 cultural workers and supporters gathered at the Mont des Arts in Brussels to denounce the new measures intended to fight against the spread of the coronavirus, the closure of cinemas and theaters.

Several mayors have indeed made it known that they would not ask their police to keep an eye on the grain.

The Brussels-Ixelles police said on Saturday that they did not have time to check the cinemas. And justice should also close its eyes, as the Attorney General of Mons, Ignacio de la Serna, interviewed by RTBF said on Christmas Eve.


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