Georges-Louis Bouchez gets angry at the municipal council of Mons

After the release of Mons en Mieux, at the end of last week, regarding the opinion issued by the Regional Center for Assistance to Municipalities, a “largely unfavorable” opinion, on the 2022 budget, sequels were to be expected during the municipal council on Monday evening. In fact, when the assembly learned of the supervisory authority’s decision on the 2022 budget, Georges-Louis Bouchez, group leader of Mons en Mieux, launched hostilities by asking “to redo the budget exercise without the plan Oxygen at the next municipal council. Budget which had already been the subject of long debates last December at the time of its examination.

▶ Then follows a moment of real tension between the majority and Georges-Louis Bouchez: the debates are almost inaudible (VIDEO)

After a ten-minute suspension of the session, the debates could resume… in a climate not really peaceful

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