Georges-Louis Bouchez victim of an accident on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit

The president of the MR hit a wall at 150km / h during the 24h 2CV.

Around 12:30 am that night, Georges-Louis Bouchez was the victim of an accident on the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit. A fan of motor racing, the president of the MR took part in the 24h 2CV, when his car was hit by one or two other vehicle (s).

The information leaked to the press this Sunday morning, and the liberal therefore spoke on the subject personally, via social networks. So he said that the shock sent his car ” in the wall at 150 km / h “. Fortunately, a wall of tires meant that Georges-Louis Bouchez did not suffer serious injuries, even though he was taken to the CHR in Verviers. ” After the necessary exams, I was released from the hospital overnight, without the slightest difficulty or consequence. “GLB” commented to reassure all those worried about his condition. ” We left “, He concluded after thanking the staff of the Ardennes circuit and that of the Verviers hospital.