Georgia recount after US election: 2500 countless ballots found

Atlanta. During the manual recount of the US presidential election in Georgia, more than 2500 previously uncounted ballot papers were discovered.

1643 of these were given for President Donald Trump, 865 for his Democratic challenger Joe Biden and 16 more for the libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen, said Gabriel Sterling, who oversaw the recount for the Georgia Home Office.

However, it was an isolated case that would not result in any “fundamental changes” in the election results throughout the state.

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The AP news agency has not declared either of the two candidates the winner because of the narrow result and the recount in Georgia, but the US news channels beat the state to Biden. With nearly five million votes cast, Biden was only around 14,000 ahead of Trump.


The US electoral system and its pitfalls

The next US president will be elected on November 3rd – but the electoral system has some loopholes. © RND

Votes would no longer significantly change the result

The newly discovered votes came from Floyd County, where Trump had already received a good 70 percent of the vote. In this respect, the additional votes for him would no longer change the result significantly.

How the more than 2500 ballot papers could be overlooked is unclear, said chairman of the local electoral commission, Tom Rees. They were therefore handed in personally before the actual election day.

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