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From President Donald Trump to some of his own colleagues in the Republican Party have disqualified, insulted and pressured the highest electoral authority in Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, for validating the election result in Georgia that preliminarily grants the victory to Democrat Joe Biden.

In an interview with The Washington PostRaffensperger asserted that he has even received death threats for dismissing unfounded allegations of alleged electoral fraud, of which no one has shown conclusive evidence.

“Besides making you angry, it’s also very disappointing, particularly when it comes to people from my party,” said Raffensperger, who serves as secretary of state.

According to preliminary data, Biden won in Georgia by about 14,000 votes. A manual recount of the votes is being carried out, requested by Raffensperger himself, but if the result is ratified, it would be the first time that a Democratic presidential candidate has won in the state since 1992.

The first critic of Raffensperger has been President Trump himself who in a tweet doubted even his political affiliation: “The Secretary of State of Georgia, a supposed Republican (RINO), will not let people who check the ballots see the signatures by fraud. Why? Without this, the whole process is very unfair and almost meaningless. Everyone knows that we won the state. “

Raffensperger said he will fight vigorously against the demand made by the Republican party to reveal the identity of voters through their ballot papers. “It does not matter which political party or campaign does that,” he stressed. “The secret of the vote is sacred.”

Trump has put Congressman Doug Collins at the forefront of his efforts to discredit Raffensperger who has defended the effectiveness of vote verification methods and the accuracy of interim results.

Collins has questioned Raffensperger’s vote processing, accusing him of capitulating to Democrats by failing to back the voter fraud allegations more strongly. Raffensperger calls him a “liar” and a “charlatan.”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, one of Trump’s biggest allies in the Upper House, went further by calling him last Friday to allegedly ask about his authority to invalidate votes.

Now Graham denies it. “That’s ridiculous,” the South Carolina lawmaker told reporters on Capitol Hill in response to Raffensperger’s claims. “What I’m trying to find out is, how are the signatures on the vote-by-mail ballots verified in these states that are the center of attention?” The senator noted, quoted by Newsweek.

Perdue and the anti-Trump vote

The two Republican senators from Georgia, who in January must compete in a second round to revalidate their seats, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, have called for Raffensperger’s resignation.

What is surprising is that in a private conference call on November 10 with donors sponsored by the Senate Republican National Committee, Perdue raised the real possibility that in 2021 a Democratic government will be installed in the White House with Biden at the head.

“We are assuming that we are going to be here alone. And that means we have to get the vote, regardless of the result of that award in the recount,” Perdue added.

The Republican senator told donors on that call that in November he deprived an “anti-Trump vote in Georgia,” but is confident that in the second round he can win back “enough conservative Republicans” in suburban Atlanta and elsewhere. who could have opposed the reelection of the president.

“I’m talking about people who may have voted for Biden but now can come back and vote for us because there was an anti-Trump vote in Georgia,” Perdue said, according to the report from the Post.

The Georgia Secretary of State warned that the doubts that his own colleagues are trying to sow about the electoral system directly undermine the aspirations of the two Republican senators who will have to be measured again in the second round in January, because it could discourage voters.

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