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A very feminine and self-confident singer is the 38-year-old Venezuelan Georgina, who in his solo performance on Friday at the Cotton Club presented the 17 songs he played in 88 minutes of proximity to the respectable mixed. Georgina told us about her boyfriends, about spite ("not everything will be crying, huh?", She warned before a more positive song), about that reducing cream that costs 300 euros and is not noticeable in the ass (sic ), he observed that in the bathrooms of the club there were signs warning that if someone feels harassment warn at the bar ("and there is also in the boys'," he was pleased to know), he spoke of first kisses and the obsession to appear in the networks (as an example to a girl who knew that "she likes a lot, it takes three hours to prepare and appears in the photos of all Saraisees with celebrities, but then she is sad and empty because she has no friends"), and, to to explain femininity, he sang 'Superwoman' (a piece chanted by several girls hugged in the Cotton) and the last verse what he sang was this one of 'My own funeral': «Today I am the wonder woman, you will not find anything like it» (we would swear that the lyrics changed, because the original is: «I am the best of life / You will not find anything like it»).

Georgina León Barrios (Valera, Venezuela), nominated for the Latin Grammy of 2012 and based in Spain since 2008He entertained us with each speech, made us laugh often and acted alone revealing numerous abilities: he sang wonderfully each piece with the ease of a classical nightclub vocalist (from the boleros and the ranchera to the pop sometimes of Yankee commercial grandeur, resonating Bambikina, Ella Baila Sola to a voice, Julieta Venegas, the 5th Station with less watts … and Jorge Drexler for some lyrical construction! ), he revealed himself versatile to the acoustic guitar, grazed at will to the public ("have you not heard of the retrograde thermometer ?, is that you are not put in anything, eh?"), seemed able to dominate the whole environment ( when he said: "it is part of the show, it seems that I am clueless but not", or that of "this refining and speaking at the same time is a pain", or the farewell with that "thank you for coming in spite of so much rain, I see so many faces of illusion … I love you! »), generated different atmospheres and expressed in good letters with choruses sometimes very hooking.

Georgina presented the 17 songs.
Georgina presented the 17 songs. / Carlos Gª Azpiazu

It was a growing recital radiated from a bare stage that she filled with his presence alone. She opened the evening with the title of her new album, 'Welcome to my room', where she appears feminine, empowered and natural. At the end he encouraged the public: "We are going to have a good time, to forget the problems and the anguish for an hour and a half, and then we will return to them" A ranchera sang to an ex-boyfriend from Uruguay that he played in a group that was touring Madrid "and that I don't like this anymore", he warned that each of his boyfriends has composed a song and at least two he played of his current partner ('Menamoré' ( sic), cheerful to Julieta Venegas, with verses type "I fell in love, a guy who seems silly / and is not, / is not a model of Hugo Boss (…) / I fell in love, with someone who does not use perfume / and it smells good »and then 'Kiss me', an optimistic song to Arnau Griso about the first kiss they took "behind a Carrefour, in summer, surrounded by garbage, and it smelled terrible"), she sang proudly ('Do not get used to it', where you call the boyfriend in a matter of selfish, liar, treacherous and trickster, in a way that Azpiazu reminded Alejandra Guzmán), and reached the top of the date with the song ' After your goodbye. '

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He was also inspired by the aforementioned sad girl of the networks ('Ana'; he confessed that he met one like that in Zamora that was also called the same, but asked that such detail not leave the Cotton Club), and sang his father ('Zero', with the handling of a song at the height of Jorge Drexler) and his mother ('María', before which he said: “with fifty-something he had to leave Venezuela, and luck has had to reach a country where they speak Spanish, others or that; there are many people who had career, retirement and money but have run out of nothing and must have started from scratch, just like her »).

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