Gérard Depardieu at the police station for drunk driving

Twice repetitive please … Eight years after a fall from a scooter caused by excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, Gérard Depardieu has just reoffended. While he was driving avenue du Maine in Paris, a few steps from the 14th century police station, without respecting the Highway Code (he would indeed have cut a few white lines), the police asked him to stop.

The two officials immediately recognized the sacred monster of French cinema after the latter took off his helmet. Noting that the actor is apparently intoxicated, they subject him to a breathalyzer without forgetting, of course, to warn their superiors. You don’t stop one of the most famous actors on the planet every day!

The most rabelaisian of salimbanques

The results of the blood alcohol test are not long in coming. With 0.4 mg per liter of exhaled air, they exceed the upper limit authorized, which is 0.25 mg. The Seventh Art Pantagruel makes amends by admitting that he drank two beers before riding his two-wheeler. A Police officer, alerted, decides to pass the sponge. The police took note of this decision by recording it in their report as follows: “A commissioner from the security and intervention company takes contact with us and asks us not to proceed to the verbalization of Mr. Depardieu.”

It is written, this new urban prank must therefore remain in the secret of the memory of the police officers who arrested the very Rabelaisian mountebank. This is without counting the pressure of social networks and the digital press for which a fact immediately committed is immediately disclosed. Cyrano de Bergerac or Count of Monte-Cristo, the 21st century no longer admits the slightest privilege.

The actor must undergo a second blood test which confirms his state of intoxication. The Valseuses and their careless retinue now belong to the world before. And Gérard Depardieu is finally fined … What to disgust him a little more of France that he said (repeated) to want to leave, assuring the police officers to prefer Vladimir Poutine to Emmanuel Macron.

The Valseuses by Bertrand Blier in 1974, with Gérard Depardieu, Patrick Dewaere, Miou-Miou …


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