Gerard Piqué hits Shakira PAINFULLY; they reveal that he wants to have a CHILD with Clara Chía Martí

A very abrupt turn gave the drama that emerged after the separation of Shakira y Gerard Piquébecause now the footballer culé seems to be so in love with Clara Chia Marti that was even visualized with the young woman forming a family. They recently revealed that the Barcelona defender wants to give him what would be a painful blow to his former partner, because according to some sources already wants to have and son with his new girlfriend.

It seems that the Catalan center is not enough to go live with his girlfriend, near the house of Shakira; It should be remembered that in recent days it transpired that he had already bought a luxurious mansion in the neighborhood where the Barranquillera lives, for more than four million euros. Not much less than his Clara Chia Marti live with Sasha and Milan in the house he had built with the Colombian. Now, Gerard Piquéhas sought a way to give another painful blow to his ex and it all has to do with the possibility of forming a family, in which, according to the paparazzi Jordi Martín, the couple has thought to have and son.

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