German embassy in China wants China to be ‘Cool Down’ – International

The German embassy in China posted on Weibo, asking China to “cool down” (reproduced from Weibo)

2022/08/08 21:20

[Compiled by Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report]China was furious because of dissatisfaction with the visit of the US House of Representatives President Pelosi to Taiwan, and frequent military exercises created regional tensions. In the hot summer, the picture of rushing into the fountain to take a shower, adding the text tag #Cool Down China, #cool down, a pun, sparked heated discussions.

In the past, the German ambassador to China used to send out hilarious posts during festivals, or some major events. This time #Cool Down China, on the surface, was in response to the heat wave, hoping that China would be cooler, and “Cool Down” also has The meaning of “calm down” was interpreted by some netizens. This is to hope that China, which has recently been angry because of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, will calm down.

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Some Chinese netizens are not appreciative, and even ridiculed that because Germany cannot get natural gas from Russia, this winter will be “very cool”.

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