German environmentalists paralyze the construction of the first Tesla factory in Europe

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The electric car is postulated as the future solution against pollution derived from transport and mobility, but it seems that the manufacture of electric cars is not as beneficial to the environment as one might think, which has led to Ecological associations to protest the construction of the first Tesla factory in Europe, whose works have already begun in the immediate vicinity of Berin, and which have now been paralyzed.

Now Tesla faces possible legal delays that could delay the project several months, after a German court stopped cutting down a forest near Berlin where the plant will be located while considering the environmental challenge of such action.

The upper administrative court in Berlin-Brandenburg issued a temporary injunction against logging, annulling a ruling of the lower court that had rejected the request of the local environmental group Gruene Brandenburg League.

This group seeks to prevent Tesla from removing more trees, so the court has paralyzed the felling until it makes a decision on this complaint.

Tesla and the Brandenburg Government, where the plant is located, have until noon on Tuesday to respond to the court and will meet that deadline, as stated on Twitter by Brandenburg Economy Minister Joerg Steinbach, who added that they “trust “in the quick decision of the court.

If Tesla does not clean the forest in mid-March, before the period of reproduction of wild species begins, construction could be delayed between six and nine months, as local authorities have warned.

This judicial decision threatens Tesla’s calendar of having the factory in operation in mid-2021. The company will invest 4,000 million in a giant that will have the same amount of production, half a million vehicles a year, as its new plant in Shanghai, exceeding by far the total number of vehicles that the company supplied to the world market last year (367,500 units). The models of the electric cars that will leave from the Grünheide plant will be the Model 3 and Y, in addition to the batteries for homes. In the first phase, Musk’s fourth gigafactory in the world is expected to employ between 3,000 and 4,000 workers, creating even more indirect jobs.

Tesla has already cut down the equivalent of about 150 forest soccer fields and has removed most of the World War II ammunition that was on the ground. The environmental stipulations of the project include chasing away or relocating wolves, bats, snakes and lizards until construction is finished. .


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