German health officials believe the coronavirus will be more difficult to control

The gloomy prediction is bad news for Germany’s plans to reopen society. Just a few days ago, Prime Minister Angela Merkel and the prime ministers agreed on a plan for the gradual reopening of society in the coming weeks.

In the last two months, the number of cases due to the more contagious virus variant B117 has been increasing. Today, it accounts for about 40 percent of cases, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

– It is expected that B117 will soon be the dominant variant in Germany, says RKI CEO Lothar Wieler.

– Then it will be even more difficult to keep the virus under control, he adds.

The statements were made at a press conference that Wieler held with Minister of Health Jens Spahn on Friday.

From Monday, the German authorities will offer all residents one free corona test per week. The measure should have been implemented a week ago, but was delayed, and Spahn now emphasizes that the offer will not be available to everyone immediately.

Germany is among the EU countries where the authorities have been criticized for a slow start to mass vaccination compared to countries such as the United Kingdom and Israel.


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