German Navy chief resigns after controversial comments on Ukraine

German Navy Chief Kay-Achim Schönbach has resigned from his post after controversial remarks on the crisis in Ukraine, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense announced on Saturday evening.

The vice-admiral, who had among other things called the idea that Russia wanted to invade Ukraine as inane, will leave his post “with immediate effect“, said the spokesman to AFP. What Vladimir Putin wants,is to be respectedSaid this soldier according to a video circulating on the Internet, filmed during a meeting of a think tank which was held Friday in New Delhi. “It’s easy to give him the respect he wants, and probably also deserves“, he added. The idea that Russia wants to invade part of Ukraine would be, according to him,a nonsense».

He also considered that the Crimean peninsula, annexed by Russia in 2014, was “left, and would not returnin the bosom of Ukraine. This senior officer had made his mea culpa in the afternoon, qualifying his statements “thoughtless». «There is no quibbling: it was clearly a fault“, he wrote in a tweet.

But in a statement released in the evening, he explains that he submitted his resignation in order to “to avoid additional damage to the German Navy and especially to the German Federal Republic“. The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the German ambassador Anka Feldhusen in the afternoon after these remarks judged “absolutely unacceptableby Kyiv.

The vice admiral’s statements came in the midst of a Russian-Western crisis around Ukraine. Intense diplomatic efforts are currently being deployed on both sides to prevent the situation from degenerating, while tens of thousands of Russian soldiers are still massed on the Ukrainian border.

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