Germán Paoloski said goodbye to No es Tan Tarde on Telefe: his forceful message

After nine months on the air, German Paoloski fired It’s not too late of the screen of phone. The driver did not give the reason why the station decided to lift the cycle, but assured that “it is a see you later, and not a goodbye.”

“Hoy #Nett ‘It’s not so late’ says goodbye to the @telefe screen for now”Paoloski announced in a post made on his Instagram account. Although he clarified: “It’s a see you later and not a final goodbye… This team led by @manugarriga is extraordinary in every way and I thank them for these 9 months of air where we had a lot of fun!”, wrote the conductor of The People’s News together with the team of It’s not too late.

“Thanks to all the wonderful guests who visited us, thanks to the cameras, sound engineers, make-up artists, hairdressers, technicians, costumes and the public who accompanied us and let us know that we made them smile and they enjoyed with us…”, he expressed. German Paoloski, to end with a strong message: “We will be back soon!”.

The Telefe driver also used his Twitter account to thank the public. “Thank you for so many nice messages and your support for It’s not too late to come back! We will surely be on the air very soon… as I said it is not a goodbye but a see you later… Thanks to all my team! They are the best!” he said.

How is the schedule of Telefe

The Paramount channel is rearmed after The end of the first of us and the abrupt departure of It’s not too late.

phone already announced that Starting Monday, July 4 at midnight, it will air Case Closed Uncensoredthe program hosted by Doctor Polo. This cycle was already on the channel for several years but at other times.

From the press part of the channel they detailed: “From the next monday july 4th at the end of The Argentine VoiceCome back Case closed Uncensored to the screen of phone. The Doctor Polo returns with the most spectacular cases and the most outrageous legal battles ever brought to court.”

In this way, The Argentine Voice will go until 23:30. Then it will follow Case closed.


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