German players infected with corona? The Chaos Chronicle for the Ukraine game

Further corona infections became known to players in Ukraine on Monday. The game in the Nations League against Germany was not a good star from the start. The overview of the events.

It is the last highlight of a roller coaster ride in the last few days: two players from the Ukrainian National team were positive on Monday Coronavirus tested – two players who were still in the game against the on Saturday DFB-Elf stood on the square in Leipzig. The findings make the chaos around the game, which was on the brink of other positive tests at Ukraine, perfect.

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The question arises: Were German players also infected with the virus during the game? The consequences cannot be foreseen at the moment. One thing is clear: the game was not under a good star even before the kick-off.

The chronicle of the events at a glance.

Friday, November 13th:

►At 7:30 p.m. the shock news: Become part of the Ukraine team five corona cases detected. According to the Ukrainian Association, the players are Andrej Jarmolenko, Viktor Zygankow, Viktor Kowalenko, Serhiy Sydortschuk and team manager Wadym Komardin. The Nations League game on Saturday is in serious danger, further tests on Saturday should decide on the implementation.

Saturday, November 14th:

►The authorities in Leipzig decide: The Ukrainians do not have to be in team quarantine – the actors who tested positive would not have had close contact with the rest of the team. There are no indications to doubt the statements, says Leipzig city spokesman Matthias Hasberg. “We depend on what this team tells us.” And: “A health department is not a police.”

►Uefa confirmed around 4:30 p.m.: The game can take place in the evening – all tests on Saturday were negative. “We trust the health authorities who have worked thoroughly,” says team doctor Tim Meyer. “During the game, the risk of infection is much lower than in the environment, which is easier to control. In addition, the double negative test provides security, most recently even in the afternoon before the game.”

►Before the game, national coach Löw speaks on ZDF. He emphasizes: “Yesterday there was a bit of uncertainty, but thank God it turned out that the game could take place.” DFB director Bierhoff says: “It is reassuring that the risk on the pitch is not that great and that the players tested negative twice in a row.”

Germany wins the game 3:1. In Ukraine, Eduard Sobol played 90 minutes, Evgen Makarenko came on in the 69th minute. Both will test positive on Monday.

Sobol (right), who later tested positive, in a direct duel with Leroy Sané. (Source: imago images)

►After the game, Löw is ambivalent: “From my point of view as a coach, it was good that we played. We at the DFB don’t have the opportunity to cancel a game. It’s not in our control. We do everything we can . We behave in a very disciplined manner. We hope that there will continue to be no positive cases. “

Sunday, November 15th:

►SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach criticizes the game as “a completely wrong example in the context of the current fight against pandemics”. His party colleague, the chairman of the sports committee, Dagmar Freitag, is clearer: “While business and vacation trips are practically falling to zero, the national teams continue to travel through Europe. Without knowing what consequences the game against Ukraine might have due to the incubation period of several days.”

Monday, November 16:

►The Ukrainian Association announced in the early afternoon: The players Sobol and Makarenko tested positive for the corona virus. The Nations League game against Switzerland on Tuesday is on the brink.

Scene from the Ukraine game: Robin Koch (left) in a duel with Makarenko, who has now tested positive.  (Source: imago images)Scene from the Ukraine game: Robin Koch (left) in a duel with Makarenko, who has now tested positive. (Source: imago images)

► National coach Löw is “surprised” by the results. “The tests on the Friday and Saturday before the game were all negative. The doctor assured us that we needn’t be afraid: if someone is tested on the game day, they are not infectious.”

Tuesday, November 17th:

► The Nations League game of Ukraine in Switzerland will be due to the recent positive corona tests called off. The tests with three other players and a supervisor from Ukraine are positive.


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