German presenter cheated on by fake Elyas M’Barek

The tricks that internet scammers use to get their money are just getting cheekier! The German presenter Barbara Osthoff has now fallen for a man who apparently pretended to be Elyas M’Barek. He is even said to have sounded and ended like the actor. Except that it wasn’t him.

“In retrospect, it is really unbelievable,” Osthoff reports to the German image.

Elyas M’Barek fraudster goes online

The German presenter Barbara Osthoff knows Elyas M’Barek from various charity events. Therefore, she also knows that the actor has a heart for sick children. So she was not surprised when one day she received a message from the alleged Instagram profile of the 39-year-old. He asked the Munich woman to donate for a sick baby and to transfer money to an Austrian bank account.

When she also got another Video call received from “M’Barek”, saw his face and heard his voice, the trust was finally built. Except that it was by no means the real Elyas, but a shameless impostor.

“I didn’t get stupid immediately”

The wrong Elyas got down to business quickly and sent Pictures of a sick babyhanging on tubes in a hospital. The moderator complied with the request to donate money. Compared to the image-Zeitung tells Barbara Osthoff: “Since I know that Elyas is Austrian and actually supports sick children privately, I was not immediately puzzled and transferred 50 euros to an Austrian account.”

This was followed by further demands from the fraudster to transfer even larger sums. “It seemed strange to me and I reported the incident to the police“, Describes Osthoff. “In retrospect, it’s really incredible. I now know that this is technically possible for fraud professionals“, Continued the stunned presenter.

That’s what the real M’Barek says

Meanwhile, the real Elyas M’Barek has also got wind of the brazen attempt at fraud. According to the image-The actor said in the newspaper that he did not use his Instagram account to ask for donations. “I can only hope that more people have not been deceived by such scammers. Plus, ask everyone to report unverified or suspicious accounts. My account has a blue tick and is not used to write to fans privately or to ask for donations.”

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