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Germany announces drastic measures against the unvaccinated


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The Omicron variant is likely, according to scientists, to become the majority in Europe in the coming months. After Italy, Germany put further pressure on people who have not yet been vaccinated.

Germany is putting pressure on the unvaccinated Thursday, December 2. “Apart from their essential shopping, the unvaccinated won’t be able to do much in Germany from tomorrow, indicates the journalist Laurent Desbonnets, in duplex from Berlin (Germany). Prohibition for them to go to stadiums, concert halls, restaurants and even non-essential shops. “ This measure concerns more than 20% of adults in Germany.

The future chancellor, Olaf Scholz, is also certain “that Parliament will vote by the end of the year a law to make vaccination compulsory, with effect from next February”, adds the journalist. Another announcement, which concerns the entire population, aims to limit gatherings. “Firecrackers and fireworks will be banned on December 31 throughout Germany”, announces Laurent Desbonnets.


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