Germany closes the deal, gets the three-party armed forces, Olaf to be prime minister Replace Merkel

news agency CNBC reported that the three major parties of Germany are The Socialist Democratic Party (SPD), the Green Party and the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) reached an agreement on Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021, after nearly two months of talks since the election. There was no clear winner in September.

SPD candidate Olaf Schalz will become head of government and the new prime minister. to replace Mrs. Angela Merkel, the leaderGermanyFor 16 years, he had to be approved at a parliamentary meeting that was supposed to take place Dec. 6-9.

Olaf Schalz, the new Chancellor of Germany

while FDP leader Christian Lindner, which supports business groups The two Green Party leaders, Annalina Bierbock and Robert Habeck, will be foreign ministers with the government for the economy and environment, respectively.

The three party ministers were called the ‘traffic light government’ according to the colors of the symbols of each party. by agreement They mainly focus on solving climate problems. It aims to stop using coal by 2030, eight years earlier than originally planned and to use 2% of the country’s land for wind power generation. as well as giving importance to the production of hydroelectric power

In addition, by 2030, the three parties have set a goal that 80% of the country’s electricity will come from renewables. And there are 15 million electric cars on the roads of Germany. They also plan to legalize the sale of marijuana with licensing, quality control and distribution.

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