Germany donates millions of corona vaccination doses directly and to the WHO

Berlin. Germany has so far made 7.6 million corona vaccine doses from the manufacturer AstraZeneca available to other countries bilaterally. In addition, there are ten million doses that the federal government handed over to the World Health Organization (WHO) as part of the Covax vaccine initiative, as the editorial network Germany reported on Sunday. “This means that the federal government no longer has AstraZeneca stocks in stock,” a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health told the newspapers.

Vietnam received most of the doses directly (2.6 million); Ukraine (1.5), Egypt, Ghana (both 1.5) and Namibia (0.2) follow. The listing also includes 350,000 cans that are yet to be delivered to Thailand. “The federal government intends to donate all vaccination doses that are not required for national needs, are pharmaceutically flawless and can still be shipped to third countries,” the spokesman emphasized.

Overall, the federal government has promised to provide 100 million vaccine doses from various manufacturers free of charge. Most of them are to be distributed via Covax. In addition, the federal government says it is investing 2.2 billion euros in the global fight against corona, of which around 1.6 billion euros directly in the WHO initiative.

In addition, since October all cans from the manufacturer Johnson & Johnson that have been delivered to Germany have been sent directly to Covax. The initiative aims to provide vaccinations to people around the world who are excluded from public health care. According to official information, the vaccine doses donated so far include five million doses that the federal government had collected from pharmaceutical wholesalers and the federal states due to a lack of demand. (KNA)

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