Germany: explosion on a chemical site, several seriously injured

An explosion of unknown origin at a chemical company site in Leverkusen, western Germany, caused significant smoke on Tuesday. Residents of the German city of Leverkusen were asked to stay sealed on Tuesday after an explosion of unknown origin at a waste treatment site that left two seriously injured and resulted in significant smoke development.

The explosion, followed by a localized fire, occurred around 9:40 am, and injured “several employees, at least two of them seriously,” said in a statement the company Currenta, which manages the site including a waste storage center and an incinerator. “Five employees are currently missing,” the statement said.

The site calls on residents to stay at home

Residents of the area have been urged to keep doors and windows closed. “For a cause hitherto unknown, an explosion occurred in the Chempark Leverkusen”, informs a message posted on the Twitter account of this chemical business park which is one of the largest in Europe for this. sector. “Residents are asked to go to closed rooms and keep doors and windows closed,” adds this message, specifying that a firefighter intervention was in progress.

The event was classified as “extreme danger” by the national disaster alert application Nina. Images of the thick black smoke, captured by residents and local media, are circulating on social networks.

According to several media, the explosion occurred at a waste treatment site. The Cologne police mentioned on Twitter “extensive damage” and indicated that several sections of the motorway had been closed.

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