world Germany gives Spain 50 respirators

Germany gives Spain 50 respirators


The German Ministry of Health has just announced, via Twitter, the transfer to Spain of 50 respirators, to facilitate the fight in this country against the coronavirus. “Now, in the times of the Crown, we Europeans remain united”, published the Christian Democrat minister Jens Spahn, who wishes “the Spanish, a lot of strength!”

The number of infected in Germany exceeds 82,000 and the number of deceased rises to 1,064, with a daily increase of around 200. The German health system has 30,000 ICU beds with a respirator that it hopes to increase in the next few days to 40,000. Although it is true that on March 4 the Minister of Health, in an international context of scarcity of medical equipment, declared at a press conference that “the material that is in Germany will stay in Germany”, later admitted that it would be done reach material “at points where it is considered especially necessary”.

At four in the morning, two planes from the Armed Forces that transported the material from Germany, an A400 and a C130, have landed at the Torrejón air base. The 50 respirators, manufactured by the German company Dräger, in Lübeck, extend German collaboration with EU countries, which until now was limited only to France and Italy, countries to which it has not only provided medical equipment, but to which it is receiving patients in German ICU beds, as its hospitals are still only 45% full. .


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