Germany must not cross the Rubicon with Huawei

Revelations on Operation Rubicon, which allowed the German and American secret services to spy on a hundred states for twenty years through the encryption company Crypto AG, make you shudder. In reality, they are common in intelligence. But there is a lesson: for the 5G network, it is better to favor European companies than the Chinese group.

It almost feels like a James Bond movie. Thanks to a joint front company, the CIA and the BND [le service fédéral de renseignement allemand] sell encryption software to more than 100 states – and can eagerly track their allegedly secure communications. And this for more than twenty years. A stroke of genius. Admittedly, not very shiny, as it happens in the gray area of ​​the secret services. Operation “Rubicon” also involved NATO partners such as Spain and Portugal. So is a new resounding scandal being prepared in the intelligence field? A priori, no.

Aside from the fact that the case was already partially known, we have to face the facts: covered by their respective governments, the CIA and the BND secured an advantage which they used without


Frank Jansen

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