Germany quit Euro 2020 after losing 2-0 to England

  • 17:52

    you’re gone

  • 17:51

    Attempts by German players to penetrate the penalty area and reduce the goal difference against England.

  • 17:49

    4 minutes added time.

  • 17:49

    England’s second goal came after a pass from Luke Shaw, and Grelic met it with a cross, and it reached Harry Kane, and he shot it from inside the penalty area and shook Neuer’s net.

  • 17:47

    England fans celebrate Harry Kane’s goal

  • 17:43

    Harry Kane scores the second

  • 17:41

    Exciting German pressure trying to equalize.

  • 17:40

    The chance of a missed goal for Germany after a through pass from Havertz, and Muller met it alone, and he shot the ball from inside the penalty area and passed just next to Beckford’s goal.

  • 17:38

    Watch the grief of the German fans and the joy of the English with Sterling’s goal.

  • 17:37

    England’s first goal came after passes between Harry Kane and Grealish, and ended with a cross from Luke Shaw, and Sterling met it with a shot from inside the penalty area and shook Neuer’s net.

  • 17:33

    Gooooooooool for England by Raheem Sterling.

  • 17:32

    The referee shows the yellow card to Gosens, the German player, after interfering with Trippier, who fell injured.

  • 17:30

    20 minutes left until the end of the match and a goalless draw.

  • 17:26

    The first change of teams

  • 17:24

    Short passes between the German national team players in the middle of the field.

  • 17:23

    A mistake by Raheem Sterling after a strong intervention from Toni Kroos in the middle of the field.

  • 17:20

    A cross from Raheem Sterling on the edge of the penalty area and an easy save from Neuer.

  • 17:18

    Pressure from Germany players and a strong defensive position from England.

  • 17:17

    David Beckham is watching the match from the stands.

  • 17:15

    Play again and a corner for Germany.

  • 17:12

    Harry Kane fell injured after a joint ball and the descent of the medical device.

  • 17:11

    Sparring for the ball between the players in the middle of the field.

  • 17:06

    An enthusiastic start from the Germans and Havertz sends a missile, but Pickford saves England from an accomplished goal.

  • 17:03

    The start of the events of the second half

  • 16:47


  • 16:47

    An opportunity for England after Sterling’s incursion on the edge of the penalty area and saved from the German defense and the ball reaches Harry Kane and tries to shoot from inside the area, but the defense disperses it.

  • 16:46

    One minute added time.

  • 16:44

    You play inside the German penalty area for Harry Kane, but the defense intervenes in time.

  • 16:43

    A mistake by Harry Kane on the borders of the German penalty area.

  • 16:41

    English attempts to choose the defense Alamami but Neuer lookout.

  • 16:38

    An exciting match between the two teams, each trying to score a goal.

  • 16:37

    Short passes between the German national team players in the middle of the field.

  • 16:34

    10 minutes left in the first half and the score is 0-0.

  • 16:32

    A missed goal opportunity for Germany after a long ball, and Werner met it inside the penalty area and shot it without mastering and saved from Pickford.

  • 16:28

    A goal opportunity for England after a cross ball, and Maguire is offset by a header inside the penalty area and passes above Neuer’s goal.

  • 16:26

    Distraction and removal from the German defense after a shot from outside the penalty area and English attempts to pressure.

  • 16:25

    Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton and their son George at the match court.

  • 16:22

    A missile from Raheem Sterling from outside the penalty area and a rescue from Germany goalkeeper Neuer.

  • 16:20

    A quarter of an hour has passed since the events of the first half, and the negative tie is still in place so far.

  • 16:15

    Moves between England players in the middle of their court to control the ball.

  • 16:14

    The English team finds it difficult to get the ball out of its areas.

  • 16:10

    Control from Germany on the match so far.

  • 16:09

    Dangerous for Germany after a long pass and offset by Goretzka and runs on the edge of the penalty area and is obstructed by Rice and the referee does not count a foul and a yellow card.

  • 16:07

    Pressure and control from Germany versus confusion from the English.

  • 16:06

    Shot by Goritska from outside the penalty area, but the goalkeeper catches it.

  • 16:04

    An attack by Germany after a cross from Kimmich on the edge of the penalty area and defensive coverage from England and the ball goes out to a corner.

  • 16:01

    The start of the events of the first half

  • 16:00

    Exciting atmosphere before the start of the match

  • 15:50

    The winner of the two teams will play against Sweden or Ukraine next Saturday 3 July in the quarter-finals.

  • 15:43

    After the exit of the Netherlands, Portugal and France… Who do you think will complete the journey and who will collect his bags and leave the tournament? Share your opinion.

  • 15:41

    The players of the two teams warm up

  • 15:37

    England formation

    Pickford, Walker, Luke Shaw, Declan Rice, John Stones, Harry Maguire, Kieran Trippier, Calvin Phillips, Bukayo Saka, Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane.

  • 15:36

    Germany formation

    Neuer, Rudiger, Ginter, Hummels, Kimmich, Kroos, Goretzka, Muller, Goosense, Havertz, Werner.

  • 15:35

    Wembley Stadium, London

  • 15:31

    In the semi-finals of the European Nations 1996, Germany beat England 6-5 on penalties, after they tied 1-1 in regular and overtime.

  • 15:25

    The two teams met in 36 matches, England won 16 of them, compared to 13 victories for Germany and 7 draws, but the Germans excel in major tournaments.

  • 15:24

    The confrontations between the England and Germany teams have a great and rich history that is found only in a few confrontations between other teams.

  • 15:22

    An early final, awaited by football fans, when England host Germany, at 4:00 GMT, in the round of 16 of the Euro 2020 tournament.

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