Germany: SPD coalition government begins efforts | German election

BERLIN: The Social Democrats (SPD) and the Conservative Alliance, the world’s second-largest electoral body, have begun efforts to form a new government in Germany. The two began talks with third-placed Greens and fourth-placed Free Democrats.

Social Democrat leader Olaf Scholes is more likely to become chancellor. Some leaders in the Conservative Alliance have publicly opposed the move. New MPs from all parties met to assess the situation. The Bundestag, the lower house of the 735 – member parliament, convenes next month.

SPD parliamentary party leader Rolf Muetsenich said he would hold talks with the Greens and Free Democrats later this week to form a government.

The SPD, Germany’s most traditional party, received 25.7% of the vote. The Conservative Alliance has 24.1%, the Greens 14.8% and the FDP 11.5%.

English Summary: Germany; SPD to form government


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