Germany: trade secrets of Daimler compromised, suspicions at the Ministry of Transport

The investigation concerns “as yet unidentified persons from the Federal Ministry of Transport” and the German Federal Automobile Agency.


(illustration) (AFP / THOMAS KIENZLE)

The German judicial authorities have opened an investigation into suspicious acts within the Ministry of Transport and the Federal Automobile Agency (KBA). As yet unidentified people are suspected of having disclosed industrial secrets to the detriment of the manufacturer Daimler , we learned Thursday, August 5 from the Prosecutor’s Office in Stuttgart.

This is “an investigation procedure against x because of suspicion of unauthorized disclosure of business secrets to the disadvantage of Daimler,” said a spokeswoman for the prosecution to AFP, confirming information from the Wirtschaftswoche business magazine.

The suspicions relate “to still unidentified people from the Federal Ministry of Transport and the Federal Automobile Agency,” she said, without wishing to reveal more details on an ongoing investigation.

The two public administrations assured of their cooperation within the framework of the investigation and did not wish to take a position on the procedure. The automaker Daimler has also declined to comment. A spokesperson told AFP that the prosecution was investigating “ex officio”, therefore on its own initiative.


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