Gerner finds out why Michi really came to Berlin ·

The Kolle-Kiez has grown: Lars Pape returned as Michi Bode – but under a pretext. You can find out what exactly is behind his visit here. Warning, spoilers will follow!

Attended this week Yvonnes Ex-husband pays a surprise visit to the neighborhood – but it won’t stop there, because Michi moves to Yvonne and Gerner into the townhouse.

Michi explains the reason for his return with his concern for Moritz: He recently found out by chance that his son had been dealing in stolen goods. In order to be able to keep an eye on Moritz, he finally decided to move to Berlin temporarily. But Gerner of all people finds out that there is something completely different behind his decision, eyeing the new roommate critically from the start …

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Moritz was just an excuse

As Gerner in the Kiezkauf a conversation between Michi and his girlfriend happened Moni realizes it becomes clear: he was thrown out at home and is now on the street. Gerner is annoyed, after all, Michi used his son as a pretext and exploited Yvonne’s good-naturedness to find accommodation with her and Gerner. He immediately tells Yvonne the real reason for Michi’s appearance. She is visibly upset and wants to feel Michi on the tooth. In doing so, however, she finds out that her ex-husband has had quite a bit of bad luck lately …

Yvonne has pity

In the clubhouse, Michi tells Yvonne that Moni has cheated on him with his buddy and that the two are now a couple. A major setback for the cheerful physiotherapist. Yvonne immediately understands Michi’s situation and makes sure that he can move into the guest room in the townhouse. It remains to be seen whether the new living arrangement will work for a long time. But Michi will also cause a stir in the neighborhood and through Maren soon got his first job as an actor Lars pope revealed in an interview with RTL.

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