Gervonta Davis KO’d Rolando Romero in New York – SwingComplete

By José Alejandro Rodriguez Zas

In a very even fight from start to finish, Romero demanded the favorite Davis like never before in his sports career, who was not dominant in the first rounds of the duel, nor did he throw many blows as usual.

In fact, for many specialists, Romero dominated rounds 1 and 2, throwing much more with his jab and going forward all the time in search of the exchange, but Davis’s iron defense did not allow many liberties either.

However, from the third round, things began to change in the ring and Gervonta increased his rhythm of hitting Romero’s anatomy, although the latter did not stop shooting, in a very even partial and difficult to vote on the ballots. of the judges.

The fourth and fifth rounds were little more of the same, but with the balance slightly tilted towards Davis, who hit the 1-2 on several occasions and began to be much more effective in the riposte, against a Romero who kept going towards in front of.

For sure, after concluding the first five rounds, the fight was going 3-2 in favor of either of the two boxers, with a slight favoritism for Davis.

But in the sixth round, after several exchanges, a brutal left punch from Gervonta’s fists went directly to Romero’s face and struck him down on the spot, immediately taking him to the canvas in very poor condition. Romero tried to recover and got to his feet, indicating to the referee that he was fine and ready to continue, but evidently that was not real and the referee decided to stop the fight, giving Davis the win.

In this way, the American fighter Gervonta Davis kept his unbeaten record in the professional ring and took that condition away from his compatriot Romero, showing that he is one of the main favorites in his division in boxing for rent.

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