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2023-09-15 09:11:00

▲ “Honkai Impact: Star Rail” will be released soon on PS5. (Picture/Reproduced from PSN) Reporter Lou Yunling/Comprehensive Report Earlier, in a PS program, MiHoYo’s new game “Honkai: Star Rail” will be launched on the PS5 platform on October 11. Players discovered the PS version. The course fee price is actually slightly more expensive than the existing PC and mobile versions, which is called the basic fan price.
[廣告] Please continue reading↓ “Honkai: Star Rail” is the fourth work in the “Honkai” series launched by miHoYo in April 2023. It is completely different from other game play methods, with a new world view, characters, and interspersed Some characters from the Honkai Impact series are based on the theme of galactic adventure. Players will play the role of “Unknown Guest” and travel on the interstellar train on the Star Dome Railway, exploring new civilizations with partners who inherit the will to pioneer. As the game is about to be launched on the PS platform in mid-October, some sharp-eyed players have discovered that the price of the PS platform is not only more expensive than the PC and mobile versions. Compared with “Genshin Impact”, which is also launched on the PS platform, “Honkai: Star Dome” The price of the lesson fee for “Railway” is slightly higher. Taking the largest package of 6,480 Ancient Menghua, the price of the PC version is 3,290 yuan, and the PS version is 3,455 yuan. ▲ “Honkai Impact: Star Rail” will be released soon on PS5. (Picture/reproduced from PSN)
[廣告] Please continue reading ↓ ▲ The course fee for the PC version of “Honkai Impact: Star Rail”. (Picture/reproduced from PSN) Some players think that the higher price of the PS version will reduce the idea of ​​​​spending on the PS platform. They say that it is more expensive when it is launched later. However, some players think that such a price has been high since the previous testing phase. They are all numbers like this, and some players even joke that the pricing is simply “fan price”.

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