Get to know DIDIxDADA (Didi-Dada), the owner of famous songs. ‘The Rhythm of Falling in Love’ | TrueID Creator

2023-05-29 16:38:32

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Didi Patnadee : @didi.theera

Dada Patnada : @dadatheera

It’s over for knowing DIDIxDADA (Didi-Dada), the owner of a famous song. ‘Rhythm in love’ is called two cute twins who have good talent. And sing very well, good voice, sweet, crunchy, has a very good singing technique anyway How not to fall in love ♥️ If any friends like and want to follow a couple of Didi and Dada, they can follow each other through various channels ^^

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DIDIxDADA – Friendly or Mind (What are we?) OFFICIAL M/V

DIDIxDADA – Falling in love (Magic Moment) Special Video

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