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Astrophile Star Counting Night

Astrophile Star Counting Night

Character and lifestyle of the Pikmai girl Piggy is a very cute person. Especially when she smiles, she’s super cute and chewy. There is also a high level of sexiness. Being friendly and easy to get along with. have a cute corner They are also people who are serious about their work. Makes no matter what show it is, it is outstanding and many people admire it. in terms of lifestyle Pik is a person who likes to travel. Natural style, Cafe Hopping, various photos, I can tell you that she is an extraordinary beautiful girl. There are quite a few interesting things ^^

Fashion and dress up look of the piggy girl. Piggy is a very well dressed person. There are many genres. Whether it’s sweet, sexy, spicy, choppy, cool street style, she has it. You can call it all finished in one jar ♥️

How is it for you to get to know PikPakPatchara or Kewelin from the night of star counting Astrophile? It has to be said that Mai PikPak ​​Patchara is another beautiful and cute girl. Her lifestyle and outfits are interesting to follow. a lot, and also plays the role of Gwe so well that the fans of the series are very persistent! Haha. Very hit the chapter. Friends can follow and support the Pikmai girl on Instagram : @kapookphatIncluding following and watching the series “Astrophile Counting Stars” every Wednesday – Thursday at 20:30 on the GMM25 channel and watching the first place at TrueID at 22:30 #night counting stars#GMMTV

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