Get to know “Lieutenant Colonel Sansanakom”, the new director of the lottery division, salary 280,000 baht.

Get to know “Support Sansankom”, the new director of the lottery division, salary 280,000 baht, who is not a new face in the lottery.

On July 20, 2021, in the case that the Cabinet meeting (Cabinet) resolved to approve and approve the appointment of Lt. Col. Nun Sanakom as director of the Government Lottery Office. Set a fixed rate of compensation at the rate of 280,000 baht per month during the contract period. The Government Lottery Office will increase the fixed compensation on October 1 each year. at a rate of not more than 10 percent of the fixed remuneration received by the Contractor As already reported in the news

“Prachachat Business” gathered information from Lieutenant Colonel Nun Sankhom or Sed. Nun, the new director of the Government Lottery Office, along with past interviews. That shows the important role of the NESDB in solving the problem of expensive lotteries.

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Lt. Col. Nun Sansanakom or Sek Nun is the son of Gen. Niyom Sanakom, a former commander of the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy.

Education PP TVIt was reported that Sed. Nun completed the 31st batch of military preparations, the same class as Pol Lt. Gen. Surachet Hakphan or “Big Joke”, an advisor (Sorbor9). At 42, when he was a student, he was also a rugby player. Later graduated with a master’s degree. Master of Business Administration, Business Administration, Kasetsart University

Sae. Nun was a commander of the 2nd Infantry Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment, King’s Guard before taking a role in the Government Lottery Office. In the era of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) government, with the trust of the head NCPO to organize and wipe out the mafia in the lottery

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Dear Big Red

After taking the position The Government Lottery Board, which has Big Daeng, Major General Apirat Kongsompong (Yoat at that time) was the chairman of the board.

Until 2018, S.N.Non was appointed as Deputy Director, Level 10, Government Lottery Office

Voice TV The report cited information from “Wasana Na Nuam”, a military reporter. Bangkok Post newspaper Specified through Facebook that Sed. Nun is a close friend of Big Daeng. Deputy Royal Secretary of the Royal Palace and former Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Army

Buster 5 Lottery Tigers

in 2017 business nation Had the opportunity to have a special interview, S.N.Non, when he was still a member of the Government Lottery. At that time, S.N.Non revealed the reason why he was arrested as a problem solver in the lottery.

“Soldiers, when receiving orders from their commanding officers to take care of society, take care of the public. must be strictly adhered to The Prime Minister gave the policy that We have to solve social problems. Don’t let society be taken advantage of.”

The first task that the UN has to deal with is Solving the problem of not allowing sellers to sell more than the specified price of 80 baht, which must break the quota system from the capitalists of the 5 Tiger Company.

“Because in the past, he had income from here. Currently it is losing income. but believe that everyone is ready to help society Because these companies don’t have much effect. At most, it’s just going to do other businesses,” said Seth Nun, and said that the success factor of solving the overpriced lottery problem is that “Is the problem solver having conflicts of interest or not?” “We are on the right track.”

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In order to solve this problem, SHE supports starting with unlocking 2 problems. The first is to increase the profit per ticket for lottery sellers by almost 50 percent. The second is to allow the purchase of lottery tickets through Krung Thai Bank. Open for anyone to buy and reserve.

“Make people who say they don’t have a quota can come and buy lottery tickets. Buy and sell at wholesale prices. Therefore, making a full profit without having to go through the brand You don’t have to buy through capitalists,” said Sae. Nun.

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