Get to know the “Natour” who runs 68 pages on Facebook

Muhammad Ali Diab wrote in “Al-Akhbar”: In early summer 2015, Zeidan Al-Hamdoush left his village, Khirbet Shihab, located about 100 kilometers east of Aleppo. Beirut, where his father works, will embrace him for years to come.

There is no university degree to support him and no profession to support, so he moved towards construction work. Between mud and tiles, he spent more than two years doing his hard work and sheltering in the evening into a room where he had nothing but his mobile phone. Thus, he created a new account on “Facebook” to communicate with friends and the people of the “village”.

The young man, who had no connection with “technology” from near or far, was attracted by the publication “It Up Front Me” about ways to hack electronic accounts via the Internet. The idea attracted him and preoccupied him, so he used to allocate time to switch between YouTube videos until he practiced “hacking” and “hacking”, albeit in a primitive way. A simple “security vulnerability” that he discovered and used to steal accounts via the “available email”, that is, not used by its owner. The process, simply, is based on guesswork, after which he checks the validity of the email and creates a new account that enables him to change the password for the target account. He affirms that «the breach was not more of a mess, and in my life I did not harm anyone. Often I returned the accounts to their owners without charge ».

With practice, his experience in dealing with social media platforms increased. In mid-2017, he created his first page on the Blue website, and he called it “series clips,” which he devoted to publishing videos cut from Syrian series, both old and new. In just five months, the number of followers of the emerging page reached more than half a million people, and “the audience reached 40 million”. A huge number that he did not imagine opening a door for him he was absent from his mind, except when, three years ago, a letter arrived on the page’s mail offering him to buy it for $ 800, which was equivalent to two months’ salary from his work at the time. He arranged an appointment with the buyer, and after negotiations he succeeded in selling the page for $ 2000.

Today, Zidan works as a “caretaker” for one of the buildings in Hamra Street, and lives in a small room at its entrance. He performs his daily tasks and takes refuge in his room in the evening, accompanied by his mobile phone and his Facebook pages, which numbered 68, and he manages them through 85 accounts with different names. Pages with the names of artists, artists, series, movies, and others dedicated to songs and jokes. Tens of thousands follow the pages that Zaidan says he is keen to grow, regardless of the time required to do so, because “the secret lies in the commitment to publish,” and also “in the title. What is written appears from its address. When the title is attractive, the views increase, regardless of the content. ” But what about copyright? He answers confidently: “I focus on the series that do not have copyright, and in the event that there are problems, I delete the videos and freeze the page for a while.”

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