Get up, an ode to France

Stéphane Cairn, singer-songwriter, offers us a strong and intense text, an ode to France.

After having written a text which was censored on a virus, Stéphane got started on this project which is described in a laudatory manner on social networks “the new national anthem”, “a call to France”.

It is addressed to the nation of France, to the French. This text is carried in a theatrical way like a poetic and pamphleteous declamation.

I would like to see you again
And then touch your hand
I still keep the hope
At least until tomorrow

I would like to hold you tight
Against me for life
But what unites us
No longer allowed

I want to find you
Without any certificate
Feel you breathe
And without distancing

See you in person
Free, finally appeased
Seems essential to me
I want to come together

Yet I saw your rights
Every day shrink
As you lost the joy
I saw you weaken you

Divided by fear
Stray and livid
Threatened by killers
You only think of emptiness

And from Nice to Paris
Confined in your shadow
I am afraid that you are dark
In a bitter retreat

Don’t let yourself down
I want to see you reborn
Don’t let yourself slip
Or you will disappear

Don’t cover fire
Of your culture so beautiful
Art is universal
The compelling motive

Your closed bookstores
While reading delivers
Small businesses cheated
How to survive

Exhausted nurses
I feel you resigned
Not far from abandonment

This need for oxygen
Faced with prohibitions
Our human family
Always more under pressure

I feel you tired
Overwhelmed, dumbfounded
Almost paralyzed
I see you unscrew

And your farmers
Blue collar workers
Or delivery drivers
Store cashiers

What becomes of your excluded
Sometimes verbalized
All these depressed souls
Totally dejected

No longer demonstrate
Only obey
With or without vest
Just flatten out

I saw it fly away
Your lost paradises
All these freedoms
But not your corrupt

I pity your debt
I think about bedridden
To your masked children
Too often abused

If in solitude
You dread diving
Gain altitude
You have to straighten up

Refuse bondage
Preserve your dignity
Despite your worries
Don’t let yourself be muzzled

On the television
Restless polemicists
You can mute the sound
Insane pantomime

For your immunity
Get away from stress
Forget all the weirdos
And those who put you down

Police officers
Disarmed psychologists
Valiant designers
You seem to sag

Your Valley of Wonders
Almost sank
Even under this great sun
You can’t forget it

Denial repression
Asphyxiated republic
Manipulated people

Military harangues
Submission tests
Bitter barrier gestures
Inexperienced admonestation

You bend under their violence
But don’t forget your dream
You endure your sufferings
Listen, the wind is rising

I know your story
I know your will
We still have to believe it
You must not flinch

Smoke from Rouen
To those of Notre-Dame
Dark upheavals
You go through dramas

If their Restoration
Is not the one you want
If consumption
Is not your biggest party

If you like your bistros
Your beaches and your forests
From Sète to Landerneau
If you’re afraid to suffocate

If cloistered you lack air
And that these vice turns
Like so many injustices
Make your anger rise

That the anguish of dying
More than shareholders
Calls you to resist
If it’s really war

If you want to work
But don’t want to shut up anymore
If you are attacked
By an arbitrary caste

From Bordeaux to Mulhouse
From Versailles to Marseille
It’s no longer the time for the blues
It’s the alarm clock

If to bow under the yoke
In front of the authoritarian
And only live on my knees
For health reasons

If the hygienization
Really delusional
Excessively disturbing

Make you indignant
If democracy
Rule your mind
You will rise up

If you don’t want to finish
In privatized assets
If you don’t want to die
Alone, disarticulated

If you are sacrificed
Crushed Fractured
If you are intubated
You could succumb

Raise your head up
You can’t fall back
I know you are ready
Not for you to abdicate

Their laws are deleterious
Reject their nonsense
Don’t turn off your lights
Shine your lanterns

Think of their next world
Tracing application
File and restrictions
Sanitized Christmas

Crises and precariousness
Like a fatality

Orders and coercion
Sworn Barbouzes
Abject subjection
Censored journalists

Profit and oppression
Gravity runoff
And your disinformation
Knowingly organized

You are not a product
You have to protect yourself
And against their contempt
Run get vaccinated

Faced with their impudence
Neither bend nor give in
You are resilience
Don’t commit suicide

You are perseverance
You won’t back down
You are the resistance
You are strength and pride

You are the deliverance
You are equality
You are independence
You are fraternity

Because you were suffering
Of course you are sacred
You are glory and power
You are the company

Wear your face, get out
From your cabin, action
There will be sport
Third Revolution

Later will be too late
And the black butterflies
Inject you their poisons

You are not ignorance
You are education
You are intelligence
You are the elevation

You are Molière Rimbaud
Berlioz Apollinaire
You are Cézanne Hugo
Audiard and Baudelaire

You are Danton Fauré
Aragon Mirabeau
You are ravel bizet
Bocuse and then Loiseau

You are Voltaire Diderot
Signoret and Montand
You are Piaf and Cerdan
And Annie Girardot

You are Rodin Claudel
Debussy Barbara
You are Matisse Chanel
Rabelais Émile Zola

You are Brassens Prévert
You are Paul Valéry
Pierre and Marie Curie
Or the Abbé Pierre

You are Camus Montaigne
La Fayette Beaumarchais
Maupassant La Fontaine
You are Charlotte Corday

Montesquieu d’Alembert
Bourvil and Fernandel
Jean Cocteau and Marais
You are Sartres or Flaubert

Brossolette Marivaux
Germaine Tillion Malraux
Jaurès and Géricault
Gérard Philippe Truffaut

You are often carnal
Moreau Gabin Morgan
But still spiritual
Blaise Pascal or Renan

La Boétie Corneille
Racine René Descartes
Paul Éluard Simone Veil
Paul Verlaine and Joan of Arc

You are not Black Friday
You are Dumas Balzac
You are Moulin Jean Zay
Lucie Raymond Aubrac

Since you are not nothing
Placed on our Earth
Rekindle your destiny
Flee from deadly shores

Because your name is France
For a salutary act
Get up and move on
But not in reverse

Lyrics of Relève-toi © Stéphane Cairn

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