“Get used to it, don’t cry”: repudiation in Colombia against mother who forced 7-year-old daughter to get a tattoo | Society

A video that shows the first tattoo of a seven-year-old girl has generated commotion in Colombia, after it was known that a minor had been forced by his mother to perform this action, which was recorded and disseminated on social networks.

According to Infobae, the registry was validated and criticized by the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF), which has already announced an investigation against the family.

In the video, just over 10 minutes long, it can be seen that the girl apparently cries from the pain caused by the special needles in her leg, area that had been chosen for the tattoo.

Along with that, you can also hear the mother say: “Get used to it, it won’t hurt anymore, breathe normally, the more you breathe, the more it hurts (…) Don’t cry, your dad says later that it hurt him, why did we do it to him ”.

“Calm down, control yourself, lie down now, lie down and breathe, pretend that nothing is happening. Don’t you want your ear piercing anymore? ”, added the woman at another moment.

During the transmission, it was also observed that there was another boy in the place, which would be the brother of the girl they were tattooing.

The ICBF has already announced sanctions against the mother. One of them will be the payment of a fine in money and the second will attend talks on the “pedagogical course”, because essential rights of children were violated.

“During the verification of rights, the ICBF team of the regional Risaralda was able to establish that the 10-year-old brother was also tattooed and therefore, He underwent a process of reestablishing his rights with placement in a family environment and psychological support, ”they stated.


However, experts assured that the mother also could face criminal prosecution, since eventually he could be charged with legal constraint and the crime of injuries.

“They are official crimes. Once the authorities become aware of possible punishable conduct, they must begin to investigate with due diligence. Then, no complaint or pronouncement from family members or outsiders is needed. Once the Prosecutor’s Office is aware of a possible fact that constitutes a crime, it is obliged to initiate the investigation ex officio, ”explained a criminal lawyer from that country named María Helena Luna.

It should be noted that the couple has a third son, 15 years old, who would already have a considerable number of tattoos on his skin. In this regard, an investigation was announced to determine when that minor began in this activity.


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