Get your Baccalaureate Certificate online in an exam

In one of the most recent reforms andducation of the country is the establishment of the mandatory from upper secondary education, that is to say high school. Just for precision for the Mexican educational system Basic education is made up of levels of preschool, primary and secondary. To raise the educational level and the possibilities of quality of life, upper secondary education was established as a mandatory level.

However, due to the legal change and modification, a large number of Mexicans were left outside the norm by not having completed their studies in upper secondary education, which prevents them from accessing various jobs that allow them a economic improvement and social. One of the alternatives available to solve the situation is the high school online, which offers a methodology so that from the distance it is possible to comply with the study of the subjects, have personalized advice and the evaluations that accredit the knowledge acquired.

It is very necessary to consider that high school or high school studies, which are pre-university, constitute a set of elementary knowledge and skills in different subjects of knowledge. That is, have the general culture on various areas of human life and science.

However, in Mexico, apart from the high school online that would imply assuming the learning Of all the subjects that make up the upper secondary education curriculum, there is a possibility of obtaining the bachlers degree, which is the document that certifies the level of studies so that just for an exam the emission of this was achieved.

In accordance with the procedure established by the National Center for Evaluation (CENEVAL) the modality known as ACREDITABACH is designed for Mexicans who want to have the bachlers degree. This exam assesses the knowledge and skills of five disciplinary fields: Mathematics, Experimental Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences and Communicative Ability.

The process is designed for people who did not attend or did not finish his high school studies. You need to have the following documents: Unique Population Registry Code (CURP), birth certificate, letter of commitment from the supporter and valid official identification with photograph (voting credential or passport). In the case of minors, the commitment letter must be signed by the parent or legal representative guardian, as well as attach a responsive letter from the parent or guardian of the supporter and a document that accredits the legal representation of the supporter by a guardian in the event that interested parties need to be represented by this legal figure.

After completing this process and registering, the GENERAL EXAM It consists of three instruments that are scheduled for resolution in two sessions. In a first, the application of General Exam of Basic Disciplinary Competences (EGCD) with 180 multiple choice questions and five and a half hours to solve. In this test the basic knowledge already mentioned above is evaluated. In the second session, two tests are applied: Reading Comprehension Test (ECL) with three texts and 24 questions Written Expression and Argumentation Skills Test (EHEAE) where three controversial questions are presented, of which the applicant must choose one of them to write an argumentative text of two pages as a minimum length. Both tests are designed to be sustained in an hour and a half.

Therefore, there is no pretext for having a certificate of high school studies. In addition to the decision, it is necessary to have advice and support for the support to be a success.

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