Getting vaccinated against the coronavirus is “the best way out”: here’s why according to epidemiologist Simon Dellicour

As we have seen in several surveys, many Belgians hesitate to be vaccinated. The epidemiologist Simon Dellicour reacted to this reluctance which he considers “challenging”. He was the guest of RTL INFO 7 p.m. this Thursday: “From the moment a vaccine is said to be safe and effective, from a strictly epidemiological point of view, it is clearly the best way out to achieve this famous collective immunity which has been talked about a lot in recent months (…. ) If we have one in two Belgians who hesitate to be vaccinated, it will be very difficult to achieve vaccination coverage which will allow us to have excessively reduced circulation of the virus. “

An impact on our daily life

The epidemiologist insisted on the effect of vaccination on our daily life: “The virus will not go away. You have to get it out of your head. But we can remove the public health problem. Remove circulation that puts pressure on our hospitals, that forces us to confine ourselves when circulation starts again. Therein lies the challenge, reaching a threshold: this reproduction rate below the ‘1’ bar. Not with natural immunity but with people who are removed from the chain of transmission because they are vaccinated and protected. “

In addition, this Thursday, the director of the German laboratory BioNTech, which works with the American Pfizer on a vaccine against Covid-19, considered “possible” its authorization and distribution by the end of the year in the United States or the European Union.

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