GF Vip, Alfonso Signorini escapes from the studio: “There is a mouse”

GF Vip, Alfonso Signorini escapes from the studio due to a joke organized by Cristiano Malgioglio: here is the Video.

(screenshot da Twitter)

Incredible what happened in the study of GF Vip, on the occasion of the usual Monday evening episode. The protagonist of the off-program was the landlord, Alfonso Signorini, victim of one joke: Christian Malgioglio and other former competitors of the program, in fact, have let a fake mouse and the reporter literally ran out of the studio, screaming.

Signorini, visibly shaken, embarrassed launched the advertisement and then returned to the studio later. “We will deal with you, I am very angry and I do not accept this kind of joke‚Äú, The words of Signorini himself who apologized to the public at home.

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GF Vip, Alfonso Signorini victim of a joke in the studio: the Video

In the video in question, we see Malgioglio let a fake mouse into the studio and sound the fake alarm in the company of Countess De Blanck and other former competitors of the GF Vip. At that point, Alfonso Signorini left the studio and screamed in fear. Only after a few minutes, the famous journalist returned to conducting the program, before criticizing the joke organized by the guests in the studio. here is the Video:

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