Gian Marco in online concert: “The Bicentennial Generation took to the streets to protest, to say that a change of thought is urgently needed” | SHOWS

Updated 11/21/2020 at 11:17 PM

“My country, Peru, is going through an economically complex social situation but the new generation, the Generation of the Bicentennial took to the streets to protest, to say that a change of thought is urgently needed. It is not about political parties, politics will always be political, but the human being is more important, politics will always have beautiful, ugly, pleasant speeches, but the human being will always be the human ”, he reflected. GIan Marco, in an emotional online concert attended by some 5,000 people from different parts of the country and the world.

Shortly before, while singing the famous song ‘Hoy’ with charango, the Peruvian singer-songwriter broke down and was seen to be moved to tears.

“Parents, grandchildren, siblings will always want to grow up, wherever you live, you will always want a better world. We are all light and people. We are all the same in the end, with money or without money, with a big house or a small house, with a big car or with a small car that nobody looks at; With friends or without friends, we all deserve a place that allows us to be better regardless of their political ideas. We live in the same country, in the same world, it is worth reflecting and not waiting for a group of people to help us in a specific place such as Congress or the Presidency. Think about whether we are good citizens, wherever you are from … In the end, we are all a people … “, said the singer at his concert, in which he presented new songs, the classics and various surprises for the online audience at coronavirus situation.

“Gian Marco in concert”, was developed by streaming tonight on the premises of the JW Marriott. The artist and his fans were delighted by the special show of almost three hours.


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