Giancarlo Scarpati attacks Magaly Medina after being removed from his program: “I was your fan, I was disappointed” | SHOWS

Updated on 03/06/2021 09:56 pm

Giancarlo Scarpati was present in the program ‘Magaly TV La Firme‘where he offered his discharges, after the accusation of aggression that weighs on him by his sister.

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Despite this, Magaly Medina decided to end her participation in her program, which was poorly taken by Scarpati, who considered that they did not allow her to defend herself.

“I do not regret having sat on the program of Mrs. Magaly to interview me, I think she spoke more than I did about what happens in my house just by watching three videos. However, she thinks and speaks as if she lived together with us. She is very feminist, but that feminism should use it before rating other ladies as such and as such, who are also mothers, who also have families ”, he pointed.

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He considered that Magaly Medina did not handle the issue well and that he spoke more than the account of his family issue.

“A true feminist defends women, does not attack them, and for me defending is not accusing or pointing out, because that is what the authorities are in charge of, not people who do not have complete knowledge of what they are talking about (…) What transcends as far as my family is going to be handled in private, not exposed in programs where there is no impartiality ”, added.

In his transmission on the social networks he manages, Scarpati could not contain his tears and slipped that the production of Magaly TV La Firme used it.

“Today they did not let me speak, they did not allow it, but they did allow me to participate in their program for a long time making a fool of myself, according to them. I was always your fan, but today I was disappointed…”, He said.



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