Gianluca Lapadula: the heartfelt message from the Peruvian National Team striker after his goal with Benevento for the Series B Play Offs | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

Clear and direct. Gianluca Lapadula he was once again the savior Beneventoafter the annotation that allowed the team of the striker of the Peruvian National Team stay alive in the Play Offs for promotion to Serie A in Italy. The idea is that the ‘9’ continue adding minutes so that he arrives with everything to the call of the white and red, facing the playoffs, where we will face Australia or the United Arab Emirates.

“There are men that fight one day and are good. There are men that fight one year and they’re better. Some fight for many years and are very good. But there are those who struggle all their lives. Those are the essentials.”was the message left by the national attacker on social networks.

As recalled, Gianluca Lapadula was ‘erased’ from a significant number of games in Beneventoafter the DT accused the striker of the Peruvian National Team of not having a commitment to the team and prioritizing his departure from the institution.

Despite the fact that the ‘Bambino’ denied the accusations, both Fabio Caserta and the president of the ‘Brujos’ did not tire of sending hints towards the footballer, which the national ‘9’ responded on the field, allowing them to continue dreaming of promotion

Lapadula’s message after the goal with Benevento. (Capture)

Lapadula’s next challenges

After making it through the quarterfinals, Gianluca Lapadula and his teammates will return to action next Tuesday, May 17, starting at 1:30 pm (Peruvian time). The rival will be Pisa, third classified in the general table of the contest. The ‘Brujos’, due to their position in the standings, will start the local key at the Comunale Ciro Vigorito stadium.

Unlike the first round of the playoffs to go up to Series A, where a single match was played, in this new instance, the duels will be under the round trip system. That said, the rematch between Benevento and Pisa will take place on Saturday May 21 from 11:00 am (Peruvian time) in the Arena Garibaldi colossus.

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