Giannina Luján hits Tilsa Lozano with a stick after her request for a hand: “she is still in love with the madman” | juan manuel vargas | BOCONVIP

The physicoculturist He returned to the attack after learning of the recent request for the model’s hand , who will soon marry her boyfriend, the boxer .

Giannina Luján, who no longer lives in Peru, is aware of the news and did not hesitate to comment on the upcoming wedding between her friend Jackson Mora and her declared enemy Tilsa.

For the athlete, Tilsa Lozano has nothing positive and that the request for a hand has been part of the circus that she put together because she just chose her ex’s birthday to do it.

“He does it right after the madman’s birthday, too obvious. The madman’s life hurts, the rejection hurts in his soul, that they have told him I’m not going to marry you. What else does she have to attract attention? none, nothing, zero, it doesn’t come from there, it hasn’t done anything else positive “he told the Rodrigo González program.

As if this were not enough, Giannina Luján pointed out that Tilsa Lozano continues to be in love with the former player of the Sports University, Juan Manuel Vargas and therefore her future marriage would be a farce to hide the feelings she still has for the man with whom she had an affair. .

“How positive is that” LADY “? I give my opinion because they ask him. Build your circus because you have nothing else to attract attention. For me, she is still in love with Loco because he backfired. PS: because of fatigue, because of heavy they asked you (if it were true) I hope you do not get discouraged at the end and stay alone in the delivery of the ring. Luck”, wrote Gianinna Luján, through her Instagram stories.


The team led by Ricardo Gareca could not with the height of La Paz and was defeated against Bolivia (1-0). This result greatly complicates the options for La Blanquirroja to be present at the next World Cup in Qatar.



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