Giannis and the Bucks no problem against Detroit

Everything is going well for Giannis Antetokounmpo. The MVP of the past two seasons signed a record extension last month and will receive $ 228 million over five years (€ 187 million). At 26, the Greek signed the biggest contract in the history of the American basketball league and could even touch € 210m if he remains an additional season with the Bucks. He’s shining on the court and now has to reach an NBA Finals after failing in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2019 (eliminated by Toronto) and the Conference Semifinals in 2020 (released by Miami). His Bucks, “his house”, have started the season quite well even though there are already a few losses. Milwaukee remains on three consecutive wins.

The latest success came last night and Antetokounmpo obviously stood out. Milwaukee again defeated the Pistons (110-101). Detroit is starting to get it really bad as it’s been three times this month that the franchise has fallen to the Bucks (125-115 Jan.5 and 130-115 Jan.7). And that makes ten losses in a row against the same opponent! Antetokounmpo didn’t force his talent, but he just did the job.

The Greek star quickly placed his own in front. 27-13 at the end of the first quarter. The Pistons eventually came back but that turned out to be insufficient in the end. Result: eighth victory this season for the Bucks (110-101), well placed at the top of the Eastern Conference hierarchy (second, 8V, 4D). This contrasts significantly with the fifteenth and last place of Detroit (2 wins, 9 losses).

And Giannis in all of this? The Milwaukee star finished with 22 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. Or a new triple-double, the 20th of his career. Antetokounmpo notably made the difference in the third quarter time with bleeding penetrations and two balls emerging towards Jrue Holiday behind the arc. Next step for the winger and his Bucks: the Dallas Mavericks, Friday.

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