Giant Miele – more than washing machines and dishwashers

WITHu One of the special features of Miele is that the group has been managed by two family lines since it was founded. In addition to the Mieles with 51 percent, there are the Zinkanns with 49 percent. So far, the pair skating of the families has been going well. It is said that all decisions were made unanimously. With a turnover of 4.5 billion euros (plus 6.5 percent) and almost 21,000 employees, the group is pursuing its own strategy.

When asked about Miele’s formula for success, the almost 62-year-old co-boss Reinhard Zinkann has a simple answer. “We have always remained true to the idea of ​​our founding fathers – always better.” This motto has been kept for generations. Just like the two big taboos that are still considered inviolable.


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